Therapists and Friends

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Top Five Things Your Therapist Can Give You, But Probably Not Your Friends

  1. Education on different topics relevant to you. “Homework,” when appropriate.
  2. A diagnosis and information about what it means.
  3. Attention completely focused on you at a time set aside for you each week.
  4. Tissues. (OK, your friends can give you tissues, but are not as prepared to offer them at any moment.)
  5. Strong legal and ethical commitment to confidentiality.

Top Five Things Your Friends Can Give You, But Probably Not Your Therapist

  1. Hugs and physical affection.
  2. Practical help, eg. going with you to the gym, lending you money.
  3. Their own stories of life experiences similar to yours.
  4. Alcohol, food or other things to help you escape temporarily from your worries.
  5. As much time as makes sense for your friendship, free of charge.

Top Five Things You Can Get From Both Therapists And Friends

  1. Support and validation.
  2. Another perspective on your troubles.
  3. Appreciation of your strengths.
  4. Someone to laugh with you and not at you.
  5. Constructive criticism.

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