Disability Access

People with visual impairment — Call me on your mobile phone when you arrive and I will meet you downstairs to accompany you to the office (until you are used to the space). All written materials are available on-line and via email by request. All written materials are also available in large print by request.

People with allergies or chemical sensitivities — The office is in an old building that has been recently painted and carpeted. The furniture in my office may still be outgassing. I use only fragrance-free products for personal use and for cleaning in my office. If you need to come and check out the office to know whether you can be in the space, I will be glad to arrange for you to do so.

People with mobility impairments — The office is up a steep flight of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible. I will be glad to offer referrals to other therapists whose offices are wheelchair accessible.

Deaf people — I am knowledgable about Deaf culture and about working with ASL interpreters. If you need help arranging for an interpreter, let me know and I can give you information about how to do so. My office does not have a TTY/TDD but I am available directly via text messaging. I also have experience using the Relay service. Email is a reliable way to get in touch with me.