Individual Psychotherapy: Meeting with me in person on a regular basis for 50-minute therapy sessions. Therapy can be very focused on a short-term problem or can be more long-term and in depth, depending on your needs. Individual therapy with me focuses on increasing awareness of your habitual patterns, learning to accept yourself as you are, and figuring out how to be more present in each moment. I do mostly Gestalt therapy and individualize treatment based on what each client needs.

Relationship Therapy: Meeting with me and your partner(s) in person on a regular basis for 50-minute therapy sessions. Relationship therapy with me often focuses on improving communication skills and increasing understanding of each other. Relationship therapy is not helpful for everyone so initially I will be evaluating whether the therapy might help improve your relationship. In situations where relationship therapy seems counterproductive, we can work together to figure out what kind of counseling might work best.

Workshops: Psychoeducational workshops are available on a variety of topics for your agency or organization. Please inquire if you are interested in a workshop in any of my areas of expertise.

Supervision and Clinical Consultation: I provide clinical consultation for other psychotherapists and supervision for students training to be psychotherapists.