Office Directions

My office is located at 358 Broadway, Unit 2 in Cambridge. Several bus lines stop near the office.

The office is an easy 10 minute walk from the Central Square T stop on the Red Line.

Note that even though there is a door labeled 358 on Broadway, the entrance for my office is around the right side of the building. This is a view of the side of the building with the entrance for my office, which is under that reddish overhang.

My office has a dedicated free parking space for my clients. It is located behind the building between a small garage and a garden. There is also metered parking in front of the building on Broadway.

That little whitish greyish building on the left is the garage. You can drive around that building and park sideways in front of it by the garden (see map above). From there, go straight ahead on the walkway (the purple building will be on your left) until you get to the entrance of the building on your right.

This is the entrance you will use to get to my office.

















If the door to the entrance is unlocked, come on in. If it is locked, push button #3 to ring the buzzer for my office. When you hear a “buzz” you can open the door and come in.

When you enter, you will see a stairway in front of you. Also in front of you on the right are two bathrooms which are available for your use. To get to my office, come up the stairs, turn right around the corner, go down the narrow hallway and right around the corner again and you will see a white door with my name on it. That is the door to the waiting area.

You need a code to enter the office. The code is 2535; press those buttons and the door will unlock and you can enter. Come on in and have a seat and I will come and get you when it is our time to meet. Please help yourself to water or tea while you wait.

If you have trouble with any of this, please feel free to call or text me at 617-855-9355.

NOTE: Please do not park in the reserved parking space or ring the buzzer more than 20 minutes before your session is scheduled to start. I would like to make sure that the person before you has a chance to leave the parking space before you pull in and I don’t want to interrupt someone else’s session to buzz you in. This also means that I need to ask you to vacate the parking space right after your session ends. If you need to have parking for a longer period of time, please use the metered parking on the street. Thanks for your cooperation!