Top Ten Advantages of Liking Your Body As It Is

woman and mirror

  1. You have a lot of mental energy freed up to focus on other things and you can do what you want to do now without waiting until you look better.
  2. You can buy clothing because you like it and not because it hides what you dislike about your body.
  3. You can exercise for enjoyment.
  4. You can have better sex because you’re not worried the whole time about what your partner will think about your body.
  5. You can be a positive role model for your children or other young people instead of teaching them to feel bad about their bodies.
  6. You can eat food that you enjoy and that makes you feel good without obsessing about what to eat, what not to eat, and how much to eat.
  7. You become a more interesting conversationalist because you are not always talking about how much you hate your body and how you are trying to fix it.
  8. You will be refusing to conform to the norms established by a society that values certain kinds of bodies and demeans others.
  9. You can seek out relationships with confidence about your attractiveness.
  10. You will be able to love yourself right now, as you are.
  11. Note: I am aware that this list is more applicable to some people than others. Transgender people, for example, may need to make some changes to their bodies in order to accept themselves.

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