Fun Relationship Experiment #2: Lighten Up

For every couple there are topics that are difficult to discuss. Perhaps you have a hard time talking about your finances or the housework or your religious observance or how to interact with your kids. Since there is disagreement and conflict in any significant relationship, it is important to learn how to approach tension-filled topics in a new way. So….

Lighten Up

Go out and purchase some funny-looking fake eyeglasses or a wig or clown nose or any amusing thing you can wear when having a discussion. Buy something for each of you.

Then, the next time you are going to have an interaction with each other on a difficult topic (eg. when you sit down to pay bills, when you try to cook a meal together, when you talk about something stressful for your relationship), take out the glasses or wig or whatever for each of you and put them on. Continue with your regular discussion as planned. See what happens.

I find that a sense of humor and the ability to laugh together is important for any relationship. When you are in the habit of bickering over difficult topics, it’s hard to maintain your sense of humor. Try lightening things up and see if it helps you have the difficult conversations.

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